9-step plan to check if your sneakers are real

9-stappenplan om te controleren of jouw sneakers echt zijn

We regularly receive messages from people asking whether we sell original sneakers. Fortunately, we can reassure our customers with a 100% authenticity guarantee. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all sellers and it is therefore unfortunate that this question is so prevalent among people. 

To help you, we have created a 9-step plan that you should pay attention to when purchasing new sneakers, so that you will never buy fake sneakers again. 

Why are fake sneakers made and sold?

There are several reasons why fake sneakers are made and sold, and these vary depending on several factors, including economic, social and cultural aspects. Here are some of the top reasons:

Low production costs

Fake sneakers are often made from cheaper and lower quality materials, making production costs considerably lower than authentic sneakers. This makes it possible for manufacturers of fake sneakers to sell at lower prices.

High demand for exclusivity

Exclusive sneaker models, especially those released in limited editions, create high consumer demand. The shortage of authentic examples is creating a market for fake sneakers, where consumers unable to get their hands on authentic pairs are looking for alternatives.

Imitation of popular models

Fake sneakers often try to imitate popular and sought-after models to capitalize on the popularity of certain styles. Consumers can be misled by the appearance of the fake sneakers, especially if they do not pay close attention to the details.

Lack of Awareness among Consumers

Some consumers may not be fully aware of the presence of fake sneakers on the market or have limited means to verify the authenticity of their purchases. This makes it easier for manufacturers of fake sneakers to sell their products.

Online Marketplaces

The convenience of online sales platforms makes it easy for sellers of fake sneakers to distribute their products worldwide. 

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 Step 1: Buy from reliable buyers

They say a good start is half the battle, but in this case a good start already removes 90% of the possible stress. Therefore, always buy your shoes only from reliable sources. This of course sounds obvious, but we still hear every day that people buy shoes from a social media account with 12 followers or from a marketplace seller without reviews. This is asking for trouble... Therefore, only buy your sneakers from:

  • Official stores
  • Recognized retailers
  • Reliable resellers (active on social media, reviews that can be found and offer the option of returns).

In addition, we also understand that you prefer to buy sneakers at the lowest price, but in the case of exclusive sneakers, this is a little more complicated. For example, you may have been looking for a shoe for days, but it issold out everywhere and suddenly you come across an unknown site that still sells all sizes + has a 50% discount. You may think this is ideal, but unfortunately these prices are 'too good to be true'. Because let's be honest, which seller is going to offer shoes for 50% cheaper if he is 100% sure that he can sell them for the full amount. 

Perhaps not the nicest first step, but in the case of exclusive sneakers, opt for the safe choice. In the long term, this will only lead to less stress and sleepless nights.

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Step 2: Ask for proof of purchase

Authentic sneakers often come with proof of purchase. Sellers of fake shoes often do not have these. If you order shoes from private individuals, specifically ask for proof of purchase. 

If they cannot deliver this or it is a vague document (where the name has been crossed out), we advise you not to proceed with the purchase. If these scammers do not have their own proof of purchase, they will take them over from other sellers. So always ask for proof of purchase and see if the name matches. 

Step 3: Check the shoe box

Did you already own the shoes when reading this article? Then we continue with the check. This starts with checking the shoe box, because a lot can be deduced from this. Some features to look out for:

  • The size of the box 
  • The color of the box 
  • The label on the box
    • Text on the label
    • Size of the label
  • An authenticity sticker or stamp in the side of the box

There are millions of different models, so hopefully you understand that it is difficult for us to go into further details. Our advice is therefore to search for an 'unboxing video' of your model on Google, YouTube or Tiktok. And with the above points of interest, compare the two sneakers. 

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Step 4: Examine the logos & labels

Make sure the brand logo is correctly displayed on the sneaker. Check the spelling, positioning and quality of the logo. With fake sneakers you often see that the text is too close or too far apart. In addition, authentic sneakers usually contain labels with specific information, such as size, date of manufacture and style number. Again, compare these details with official product information from unboxing videos. 
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Step 5: Check the quality

Assess the shoe's texture, stitching and finish. Authentic sneakers generally have fewer stitching defects/glue residue. 

*In recent years, the quality of original Nike sneakers has dropped considerably, so don't be blinded by this. 

A very important point and actually worth a step in itself is the smell of the shoes. This may sound very strange, but original sneakers always have a characteristic smell. For example, if the shoe smells very much like glue/chemicals, you can almost say with certainty that it is fake. 

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Step 6: Check the sole and insole

Study the pattern on the sole, the quality of the material and any logos. Authentic sneakers have sharp details. It is also wise to remove the insole from the shoe.

Can you remove your soles without difficulty? Then there is a chance that these are fake. Authentic sneakers often have a 'glue layer' under the sole, which makes them difficult to remove. Fake shoes often do not have this layer. 

Now that you have the sole out, you can immediately check the stitching under the insole. Pay special attention to the color here and compare it with an original pair. You often see that these have a different color. 

Step 7: Verify unique attributes 

Every brand/model has something very specific, which fake shoes often do not have. These are really countless small details and can only be noticed through knowledge and experience. We therefore advise you to look at many photos and videos and notice possible differences.

A good example can be seen with Air Jordan's and specifically the labels on the shoe boxes. Original Air Jordan's have a reflective sticker behind this size label. You can see this if you shine a light on it. Fake sneakers almost never have this sticker. 


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Step 8: Check the serial number

Each model has a specific SKU number, check online whether this number matches that of the original. In addition, this number must also be visible (without errors) on the labels in the shoe and on the box. 

In addition to a SKU number, each size also contains a specific EAN number. Also check that it matches that of an original pair. 

Step 9: Have them checked by experts

If you still have doubts after reading all these steps, it is advisable to have them checked by experts. There are many people/companies who have so much experience and knowledge about these shoes that they can often tell at a glance whether something is real or fake. For often only a small fee, you know with almost certainty what kind of shoes you are dealing with. 

Sneakers_abel also offers this service. So do you want us to check your sneakers? Then click here!

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