The benefits of cleaning sneakers

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Cleaning your sneakers is essential today. Sneakers (particularly Jordans) have skyrocketed in popularity and price in recent years. If you want to resell the sneakers after a period of wearing them, the condition of the shoe determines the value. If you have properly maintained your sneakers, there is a chance that you can sell them for the same amount as you bought them for. And who wouldn't want that? Here at Sneakers_abel we explain why it is even more important to freshen up your sneakers regularly. 

 It extends the lifespan

With every step you take, your sneakers have to absorb the impact. The more steps you take, the greater the chance that you will step into something unwanted. This could be water, mud, stones or dirt, for example. If you do not clean your sneakers regularly, the stains may become stuck in the fabric/leather or the sole of the shoe may be damaged even further than necessary. This can ultimately lead to your sneakers becoming no longer wearable or sellable. 

We all want to look as good as possible

Let's be honest, when we buy a pair of new sneakers we are always extremely careful the first few days. Once we have owned the sneakers for a longer period of time, our 'rules' increasingly fade away. But why? Sneakers are essential for all of us and complete every outfit. It is even said that the first thing people look at is the shoes. And we all know how important a first impression can be...

In short, regularly cleaning your sneakers ensures that they retain their value, extend their lifespan and that your outfit simply looks much better.


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