The Origin of the 'Air Jordan 1'

Het Ontstaan van de 'Air Jordan 1'

The Air Jordan 1 is an iconic sneaker released in 1985 by Nike in collaboration with basketball legend Michael Jordan. The sneaker was revolutionary in its design and changed the sneaker industry forever.

The story of the Air Jordan 1 begins in 1984, when Michael Jordan played his first season with the Chicago Bulls. Nike already had a number of popular basketball shoes on the market, but wanted to design a shoe that was special for Michael Jordan. The design of the Air Jordan 1 was inspired by the Nike Air Force 1 and was designed by Peter Moore.

The design of the Air Jordan 1 was unlike any other basketball shoe on the market at the time. It featured a high silhouette, a bold Swoosh and a color scheme that matched the colors of the Chicago Bulls. It was also the first basketball shoe with Nike Air technology, which provided extra cushioning and comfort.

The Air Jordan 1 became an instant hit among basketball fans and sneakerheads. The design was so popular that the NBA banned the shoe due to the color combination. This only made the sneaker even more popular and gained cult status.

In the years that followed, Nike released several colorways of the Air Jordan 1, all of which were equally popular. Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan 1 during his rookie season and during the 1985 All-Star Game. It was the beginning of a long and successful partnership between Michael Jordan and Nike that continues to this day.

The Air Jordan 1 is not only an iconic sneaker, but also a symbol of the collaboration between Michael Jordan and Nike. The design was revolutionary in its time and changed the sneaker industry forever. It's a sneaker that's still loved by sneakerheads and basketball fans around the world.

In short, the origins of the entire sneaker hype that we know today.... 

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