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9-stappenplan om te controleren of jouw sneakers echt zijn

9-step plan to check if your sneakers are real

We regularly receive messages from people asking whether we sell original sneakers. Fortunately, we can reassure our customers with a 100% authenticity guarantee. Unfortunately, this does not apply...

Investeren in exclusieve sneakers

Why sneakers are a smart investment: The evolution of fashion and collectibles

In the world of investments, most people think of stocks, real estate or cryptocurrencies. But there is another market that is receiving increasing attention from investors and fashion enthusiasts ...

Service sneaker cleaning

The benefits of cleaning sneakers

Cleaning your sneakers is essential today. Sneakers (particularly Jordans) have skyrocketed in popularity and price in recent years. If you want to resell the sneakers after a period of wearing the...

Het Ontstaan van de 'Air Jordan 1'

The Origin of the 'Air Jordan 1'

The Air Jordan 1 is an iconic sneaker released in 1985 by Nike in collaboration with basketball legend Michael Jordan. The sneaker was revolutionary in its design and changed the sneaker industry f...